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Published: 29th March 2010
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As an online entrepreneur, I'm willing to bet you wanted to make money online so you can create a legacy for your family and the market place, build a name brand, start profitable and fulfilling relationships, and generate a residual income.

Below are a few common questions most beginners ask me about email marketing and list building, so first:

"What's All This ListBuilding Mumbo-Jumbo You Keep Talking About?"

Building a list is the art and science of generating targeted traffic to a one-page website called squeeze pages designed to capture the names and emails of interested prospects. Usually, in return for a free report, video, or audio that promises to solve a specific problem for the audience your targeting.

Everyone at this point and time experienced websites like this, even if they didn't know what was happening. Typically, when people see this type of website, they're excited to get something for free - especially when it comes to solving a problem, satisfying want, or meeting a need.

"So...What Does Building A List Have To Do With Me And How Can I Make Money With It?"

As the marketer offering the free gift, you'll be targeting a niche group of people based on your expertise, the market demand, and your work ethic to build a list of your own to build solid relationships with and make money from on auto-pilot.

Your going to make money by giving away a lot of useful value to your leads and asking for the sale of your product or affiliate product. You'll make money - literally - by pushing the "send" button on your computer screen, but not without building a list first.

Also, how much money you make largely depends on market demand, the value you personally generate, and how much you BELIEVE your worth. And not a penny more.

"I Don't Know How To Build A Website To Build My List...Are There Any Other Options?"

Yes. Many.

But, if you want a better way to generate leads and build a list that don't require you to build a website and allows you to get started generating leads immediately, you can use a piece of software that's worked like gangbusters for me called Viral PDF Master.

With this software, you can create a free 10 to 20 page report and submit them to various websites for people to download. When that person opens your free report, a window will come up requiring them to input their name and email to get full access to your report.

This way, you don't have to deal with the challenging task - wasting hours of your time -learning HTML, hiring a web designer or testing and tracking a custom made squeeze page.

The Viral PDF Master allows you to do build your list much faster than you ever thought possible,. And I'm confident it will do for you, what results it's performed for me.

Viral PDF Master turns any PDF you have into a viral list building machine like nothing else. There is no list building

system like Viral PDF Master. To find out more about this amazingly powerful list building software go to

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